In 1929 the Lawyer George Economopoulos puts the bases of a powerful law firm in Kolonaki area, Athens. Right after the Second World War his sister, Irene Economopoulou-Tsimpouki, one of the first women lawyers in Athens starts to cooperate with him. Her character and her dedication to the legal science and the society as a whole make her one of the most successful lawyers for two decades. In Athens in 1946 Irene Economopoulos –Tsimpouki founds the family tradition of ZKK and associates, maybe the first greek law office based on solely women lawyers. Her two daughters, Chariklia Tsimpouki-Zanou and Alexandra Tsimpouki-Kalogera, after their mother’s early death in the early 1960s, take on the ZKK and Associates law offices and establish it not only as an Athenian law office but offices with a great network all over the world. Two great women lawyers that combine knowledge, experience and the ability to treat legal cases in over three languages.

From then on they continue to provide their services to Greeks and foreigners on issues dealing with Greek law. All these years Chariklia Zanou and Alexandra Kalogera with their colleague Marilena Drosou offered their services with discretion and efficiency.

In 2001, Elly-Chariklia Kalogera-Giarmenitis, third generation of women lawyers, joins the law office. Combining the experience of her family together with her studies both in Greece and abroad, she continues dynamically the tradition of the law office, adding to the offices, new associates and know how.