Alexandra N. Kalogera graduated from the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian Athens University (University of Athens) in 1964 and attended courses in Sociology at the University of York. She was an active lawyer from 1965 to 2011  when she delivered a successful law firm to her daughter Elly Kalogera Giarmenti.

She speaks fluently English and French and has lived both in France and England.
She was always interested in volunteering and in the commons. From a young age she was a member of the Greek Guides Association where she held the position of Vice President and then President. She was also a member of the International Guides Association where she served as Chairman of the International Sub-Committee for the creation of Constitutions. She is an honorary member in the International Guides Association.

Has always been active in spreading democratic values and has lectured in seminars and conferences around the world such as Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, Mexico, in order to spread gender equality and democratic ideals. In 1975 she was member of the Greek Delegation representing Greece to the first United Nations Conference on Women’s’ Rights. As member of the Executive Board of the National Council of Women, she represented the Council in many conferences around the world.

Was elected Vice President of the European Centre of the International Council of Women. She represented Greece to the European lobby for Women and intervened in favour of gender equality.