The Role of a Property Lawyer When Purchasing Property in Greece

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If you’re considering purchasing a property in Greece, you may wonder what a Greek property lawyer can do for you. In Greece, the process of buying a property can be complicated, especially for foreigners who may not be familiar with the country’s language, customs, and laws. A Greek lawyer can help guide you through the process and ensure your purchase is legal, valid, and protected.

What is a Greek property lawyer?

A Greek property lawyer is a legal professional specialising in the sale or purchase of real estate in Greece. They are licensed to practice law in Greece and have the expertise to guide you through the complex legal process of buying a property in Greece. They can help you navigate the nuances of Greek property law, explain the legal requirements and obligations involved in the purchase process, and ensure that your interests are protected throughout the property transaction.

What does a Greek lawyer do?

Legal, due diligence

Before buying a home in Greece, a lawyer will conduct legal due diligence to ensure that the seller legally owns the property. Your lawyer will also check that the property is free of liens, encumbrances or other legal issues that could prevent you from obtaining clear ownership. The law firm will also review if there are any building permits, zoning laws or other legal restrictions that could affect your ownership or use of the property.

Review and draft contracts

Amongst the legal services offered, your lawyer will check all the contracts and documents related to the property purchase. In addition, they can draft, review or modify contracts to make sure they are legally binding, accurately reflect the agreement’s terms, and serve your best interests. The contracts include purchase agreements, transfer of ownership documents, and other legal documents necessary for the purchase process.

Registration at the Greek cadastre

The Greek real estate attorney will assist with the registration of the deed of purchase at the Name Registry as well as at the New Land Registry [Cadastre] if necessary. The New Land Registry is still in process in many areas of Greece and is not in full function yet. The attorney will draft the petition for the registration, prepare the file and lodge it with the local competent New Land Registry. Their role is crucial in order to make sure that the property is correctly registered. Also, they will assist with the payment of the Registration fees and obtain the certificate validating the Registration of your purchase.

Coordinate with other parties

A Greek real estate attorney will also coordinate with other parties involved in the property purchase, such as the seller’s lawyer, real estate agents, notary public, and the competent land registry. They will ensure that all parties are informed and involved in the process and that everyone works towards a successful closing.

Handle payment and taxes

A Greek property lawyer can also help you navigate the payment and tax process. They will ensure that all payments are made in accordance with Greek law, including transfer taxes and other fees. They can also advise you on the most tax-efficient way to structure your purchase, including options for holding the property in a legal entity, such as a Greek company.

Administrative support

Your lawyer can help you obtain a tax number and assist you in opening a bank account in Greece. In addition, they can advise you on choosing the right home insurance for your property depending on how you plan to use the property.

Provide legal representation

Finally, a Greek property lawyer can represent you in any legal disputes related to your real estate purchase. This includes disputes with the seller, real estate agents, or other parties involved in the transaction. They can also assist you with any legal issues related to property ownership or use.

Why do you need a property lawyer in Greece?

It is wise to work with Greek property lawyers to ensure your real estate purchase is legal, valid, and protected. Greek lawyers are fluent in English and can help you understand the legal process. With their extensive knowledge of local property law, they are an invaluable resource.